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Eleven-year-old Ellie McDoodle illustrates her sketchbook with chronicles of her adventures and mishaps while camping with her cousins, aunt, and uncle.
A Junior Library Guild selection.Accelerated Reader/Renaissance LearningIncludes bibliographical references (p. 129) and index.A handbook for the budding cryptographer including codes and ciphers, invisible inks, concealment techniques, spy stories and some history.Nonsecret codes -- Book code -- Dictionary code -- Codetalking -- Pig Latin -- Turkish Irish -- Caesar cipher -- St. Cyr slide -- Keyboard cipher -- Morse code -- Semaphore -- Pigpen cipher -- Rosicrucian cipher -- Date shift cipher -- Greek square cipher -- Greek skytale -- Rail fence cipher -- Route transposition cipher -- Codebreaking -- Early concealment techniques -- Null cipher -- Cardano grille -- Word grille -- Space code -- Playing card code -- Dot cipher -- Line cipher -- Zigzag cipher -- Invisible inks -- Codemakers and codebreakers Hall of Fame.
Provides strategies for writing successful research reports and essays, including social studies reports, book reports, persuasive essays, personal essays, and descriptive essays.
Provides examples, models, and advice for writing letters to friends, relatives, and businesses, or for preparing school reports.
Presents tips for writing interesting stories, passionate essays, and exciting reports, focusing on the elements of sentence structure, paragraph organization, grammar, usage, punctuation, and footnotes.10 and up.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 26) and index.Writing to instruct -- Giving instructions is a skill -- Organizing your instructions -- Writing how-to instructions -- Using a sequence chart to instruct -- Science experiments -- Instructions for a recipe -- Using maps as resources -- Writing a speech that instructs -- Helpful words that instruct.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 24) and index.Writing to describe introduction -- Choosing a topic -- Making an outline -- Using verbs to describe action -- Using your five senses to describe -- Making a poster -- Writing a book report -- What's fun about fun facts -- Describing a journey -- Describing with synonyms -- Glossary.
Writing to explain -- How encyclopedias help to explain -- Outline to explain -- Writing a report -- Fun resources -- Writing lists to explain -- Explaining a historical event -- Using contents and index pages -- Proofreading a report -- Words that help to explain -- Glossary.Includes bibliographical references and index.