Racial profiling /Kris Hirschmann, book editor.
Detroit :Greenhaven Press,c2006.

115 p. ;24 cm.

Includes bibliographical references (p. 107-110) and index.

U.S. policies forbid racial profiling / U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division -- U.S. policies sanction racial profiling / American Civil Liberties Union -- Profiling Muslims is essential in the war on terror / Andrew C. McCarthy -- Profiling Muslims hinders the war on terror / Leadership Conference on Civil Rights Education Fund -- Airlines should screen passengers who match terrorist's racial profiles / Stuart Taylor Jr. -- Airlines should use behavioral profiling, not racial profiling / Bruce Schneier -- Benefits of racial profiling justify some loss of civil liberties / Robert A. Levy -- Benefits of racial profiling cannot justify any loss of civil liberties / Christina Fauchon -- All police officers practice racial profiling / Fred Reed -- Racial profiling in law enforcement is a myth / Heather Mac Donald -- Racial profiling is useful if properly regulated / Peter H. Schuck -- U.S. racial profiling policies are based on political correctness, not logic / Michelle Malkin -- Racial profiling has a heavy social cost / Amnesty International -- Racial profiling undermines the U.S. legal system / David A. Harris.

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